Thanks to GeoBeatNews for this story out of New Athens, Illinois. Enjoy the story of dumb criminal Arnell Edwards who was all dressed up with someplace to go. To the bank for an illegal withdrawal that is.
The 50-year-old dumb criminal got himself all gussied up with a pink and purple polka dot dress, pink wig and sunglasses. He wasn't fooling anyone.
GeoBeatNews reports:

With a white rag over his mouth, Edwards handed the bank employee a holdup note which read 'STICK UP ALL MONEY.' The worker placed stack of bills on the counter for Edwards to take.

He even tried to disguise his true voice by speaking in a high pitched tone.

Edwards briefly got away with about $1500, but was soon tracked down to his girlfriend’s house. Edwards denied robbing the bank, despite having abrasions on his right hand and wrist that matched injuries seen on the bank robber in surveillance photos.