Ask any doctor, "what's the number one thing I should eliminate from my diet if I want to lose wait?"  Most likely they'll say, soda pop. Now it appears that the Coca-Cola company recognizes that their artificially sweetened carbonated beverage could be part of the problem and it should be consumed in moderation. What if you had to burn up the calories you're about to intake? This new ad from Coca-Cola captures this premise.

It's very clever as it admits that obesity is a problem while saying it's okay to occasionally enjoy a coke. The Daily Zone says:

Coca-Cola is apparently taking on obesity, the number 1 ailment that its products are accused of causing. The online ad is an attempt to show just how fun it would be to burn off 140 Calories. Coca-Cola has calculated that its regular sized can holds 140 calories.

I still recall as a child being handed a small bottle of the bubble beverage thinking that this drink all fun-n-games. Grandpa missed the fact that us boys also need physical activities to ward off the evil effects of consuming these delicious sugary beverages. Coca-Cola has now accomplished that mission.

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