You've got to hear the details of a man from Canada who survived a bear attack by grabbing it's tongue. Gilles Cyr said he was walking through the wooded area of his property when suddenly something black came flying out of the woods and lunged at him. He was in no mood to let the bear chew the life out of him. Needless to say, he's lucky to be alive.

The CBC reports that there has been a drop in licenses issued to hunt bear in Canada and perhaps that's why they're seeing more of them.

The province's black bear population has jumped to 17,000 from about 12,000 eight years ago.

Gilles gave them some graphic details of the attack.

"When I opened up my eyes it was on top of me — with the friggin' noise, it's crazy the way it growls. Right from the stomach. It's not from the mouth, it's just inside. His mouth was wide open right in front of my face so the last thing I remember I had his tongue in my hand and I didn't want to let go because he was trying to fight me off. So he was hitting me with his claws, so I says, 'If you're going to hurt me, I'm going to hurt you too.' So he was biting his tongue at the same time"

Wow! I wouldn't want to be in that situation. Get the rest of the details here: