Here in New York, we have the most cases of coronavirus in the United States. So, understandably, precautionary measures are being taken.

We told you about Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to produce the state's own antibacterial hand lotion. Schools are taking their lessons online. Some communities are adopting quarantine procedures. Meanwhile, one Lyft driver in Manhattan has come up with his personal handmade solution to fight the coronavirus. He's crafted a plastic cube around himself in the driver's seat, fashioned out of a clear sheet of plastic, taped to the roof, then secured with a pole to keep it in place.

One of his passengers, a hair stylist with the handle @PhilDoesHair, shared a video of the driver in the plastic bubble, and also wrote: "My Lyft driver created this airtight seal in his car. If anyone out there is doing Lyft or Uber for work, you may consider doing this to protect yourself and others." Here's the Instagram post, including the video of the creative Lyft driver in his cocoon:

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