If you have a job where you work from home, and you're considering relocation, you might want to think about the Green Mountain State, right next door to New York.

Vermont is offering $10,000 bonuses for folks who'll move to their scenic state and work remotely for an out-of-state employer. The initiative is geared to address Vermont's aging population and inject some youth into its economy. Vermont's citizenry is getting older at about double the rate of the rest of the U.S.

So, Vermont's governor Phil Scott signed into law the Remote Worker Grant Program. It goes into effect in January of 2019 and provides the money to the first 100 takers over a two-year period.

A few financial points to consider: If you'd consider making this move to escape the heavy taxes of New York State, you're in for a surprise: Vermont's are almost as bad. In fact, Vermont's property taxes are HIGHER than New York and are the second-highest in the U.S. So, maybe you could live in a tiny house.

On the positive side, Vermont's PERSONAL income taxes are very low--less than half the New York rate.

Vermont is great. I grew up there in Bennington and Wilmington and can vouch for the beautiful foliage, rustic barns, and great skiing. Would you move for the money? Where else would you consider moving?


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