It's your first Tuesday workday of 2012 and let's take you back to the fine year of  1998 where Jennifer Paige's "Crush" was on your dial with this weeks Throwback Tuesday.

“Crush” was written by Paige's producer Andy Goldmark along with the songwriters Mark Muller, Berny Cosgrove and Kevin Clark, and it was inspired by Paige's personal experiences and observations in her love life. There have been claims that it was written for Joey Fatone of 'N Sync, as she was dating him at the time. However Paige told Disney Chat that they were never in a relationship. The rumors started as they used to run into each other a lot during concerts and TV appearances. The first time Jennifer heard "Crush" on the radio she was on the phone to her mother. She started screaming and her mother thought she was having a heart attack.

"Crush" was an international hit, topping among others the Australian, New Zealand, Spanish and United World charts. It it number 3 on the U.S. pop charts in 1998. Maybe you caught this video on TRL back in the day, here it is for your Tuesday:



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