Whether you leave Central New York to go on vacation or you move out of the state, wherever you go you'll still find ties to this area. There is no escaping...

Last week, I spent my time laying on the beach at a resort in the Florida Keys. Like most people, I just needed a few days to get away and have a little rest and relaxation. But while I was more than 1500 miles away, I couldn't escape Upstate New York. There were connections everywhere, and in the weirdest spots. Just take a look at these two instances:

1 - Out to Dinner at Ziggie & Mad Dog's

Luke Looking at a Fancy Bottle of Water That Was Actually From Central New York
Naomi Lynn/TSM

This was a very upscale, beautiful restaurant in Islamorada, Florida (just a few miles from where my fiance and I were staying). After the waitress poured our water from a very fancy, blue glass bottle, and walked away, Luke had picked up the bottle and was just checking it out. It had been set down in this cold small container, and had a cold towel wrapped around it. You would think the water came from a spring running uphill in the Alps. Nope. The printing on the bottle said the water was from Saratoga Springs, New York.

It was just one of those "no way!" "Hey, that's pretty cool" moments. But it wasn't the only one from the trip...

2 - Goodies Inside Our Room at the Resort

Shampoo and Lotion Travel Bottles From a Resort in Florida
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Anytime you stay at a hotel or resort, they always have those little shampoo and body wash bottles, perfect for travelers. The resort I stayed at was no different. I actually took the bottles back home, because they just reminded me of the resort and this happened to be the best vacation of my life (I figured I could use the lotion again, and the smell would bring back memories of a wonderful week). Anyway, I happened to think to myself that this particular brand looked so beachy, and smelled so tropical, that there was probably a good chance it wasn't made anywhere near Florida. I laughed to myself guessing it was made somewhere cold.

I turned over the bottle just to see...

Back of the Shampoo and Lotion Bottle From the Resort in Florida
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Yep, Cortland, New York. Not really what comes to mind when you think of sunny, tropical weather. Again, it was another "no way" moment, and a little funny in its own way.

Of course if you look closely, you can find connections to anything from anywhere, but it was kind of fun to discover New York things in the Florida Keys. Have you ever gone on vacation and found something made or something from the Central (or Upstate) New York area? Where were you and what did you find? We would love to hear your stories - You can share them by leaving us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.





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