It's that time of the year again. Can you feel a chill in the air or perhaps around your windows and doors? To help keep the cold outside, we've got some tips to keep your home warmer and cozier.

From the Asbury Park Press & Robin Willams's Home Article you should;

Pay a few dollars and reattach weatherstrip materials that are torn or frayed.

Check the downspouts of your gutters and remove the leaves and debris. If you don't, ice dams may form in your gutters that could cause moisture to seep into your home.

Check the paint and stain around your windows and doors for cracking, deteriorated wood and other damage that might cause condensation and water penetration.

Break out the vacuum and check the window sills and tracks for dirt, sand, leaves, insects, pine needles and pet hair. Debris can hamper your windows air-tight effectiveness.

For more winterizing made simple, read the rest of Robin's suggestions.

Stay snug this winter and, keep the Lite on!