Today is National Bosses Day.  Hopefully you already knew that and have plans to do something nice for your boss.  What kind of boss do you work for?

Photo by Quim Llenas/Cover/Getty Images

Working for a great boss makes going to work easy.  Working for a bad boss is no fun.  I've worked for both and probably like you, have my share of stories about bosses.  One of my favorite bad boss stories is from when I first started working.

Steve, my boss, thought he was the coolest guy on the planet.  He was the first to criticize and the last to give praise, which is one of the reasons he was such a bad boss.  One Christmas, he left presents in our mailboxes.  Guess what he gave me as a thank you for all my hard work?   A  McDonald's coupon book for free french fries, but he'd ripped out several of the free french fry coupons.    I think there might have been two left.  Nice, huh?

For Steve and any other bad  boss, nobody wants a gift like that.  I'd rather have a card thanking me for my work than a used coupon book.

I hope you're not working for a "Steve" but if you are, did you want fries with that?