The National Weather Service has issued a hazardous weather alert due to the oppressive humidity, and the heat index could hit 100 today.

In case you haven't noticed, summer is really here. We're not complaining though, we'll take this sweltering heat over the freezing cold any day. Central New Yorker's could potentially experience the first heat wave of 2016 this week.

A heat wave is typically defined as 3 consecutive days of 90 degree weather. The highest temperature recorded in Syracuse on July 13 was 94 degrees. Today's expected forecast calls for a high of 93, but that could increase in an instant. It's not likely that we'll see triple digit temperatures this afternoon, but with the heat index factored in it will feel like 100. If the heat index rises to 100, the National Weather Service would issue a heat advisory.

According to Syracuse.Com:

With steaming humidity from what the National Weather Service calls a "sultry air mass," the heat index could rise into the high 90s. The heat index is a measure of how the body responds to high temperatures and humidity.

If you plan on spending any time outdoors today, stay hydrated!


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