Want to impress that new flame?  We've selected the top 5 first date locations in our area.  Check out our choices then comment below with your top choice!

1-Best Date Spot For Nature Lovers:  Trenton Falls

Should your first date happen to fall on one of the weekends that Trenton Falls is open to the public, don't miss the chance to take the ride to Trenton Falls near Remsen.  The Falls are accessed by a short nature hike.  You'll have a great opportunity for hand holding on the trail and quiet moments admiring the majestic falls.  Score points by sharing this fact:  Trenton Falls was once the playground of the rich and famous and more popular than Niagara Falls.  There is much less water flowing over them today as much of it is held back by Hinkley Dam.

2-Best Traditional Date Spot:  East Utica Italian Restaurant

Any of the great Italian joints in East Utica will provide the perfect setting for a first date whether its the more upscale Chesterfield on Bleeker Street or the neighborhood feel of Joey's on Mohawk.  If you really want her to see you're in the know when it comes to East Utica, score a table at the infamous Pellettieri Joe's (just don't ask for butter!).  Grab some riggies and greens and that's amore!

3-Best Historic Date Spot:  Erie Canal Cruise

With 250-plus years if history there are plenty of first date ideas for history lovers.  The best bet may be a cruise on the Erie Canal.  The one that runs east from Herkimer is a very nice narrated boat ride that tells the history of the Erie Canal and what it meant for the development of our history and America.  Bonus romantic moment:  You've got a chance to be chivalrous when you offer your date your hand in helping her on and off the boat.

4-Best Retro Date Spot:  Sylvan Beach Amusement Park

What was more fun when you were younger than walking the boardwalk at Sylvan Beach?  Revisit the park with your date, play a few rounds of ski-ball, grab a funnel cake and whip around on the roller coaster.

5-Best Summertime Date Spot:  Saranac Thursdays

A Saranac Thursday would probably the best "no pressure" first date location, too.  After all, when you're spending the evening with a few thousands of your closest friends at the FX Matt Brewery, you're bound to run into dozens of friends, hers and yours and you'll have fewer of those awkward first date conversational pauses.  Grab a local brew listen to a great band and your evening is made.

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