We love these lists!  There are so many quirks that can define you as a Utican and resident of Central New York.  Here's our list.  What would you add?

You know you're from Utica when...

You've never said the word "avenue" when referring to a thoroughfare like Sunset Ave or Floyd Ave.

FX Matt Brewery
Eric Meier/Townsquare Media

You know that a halfmoon is not an atmospheric phenomenon.

You know that Binghamton is the true armpit of New York State.

You plan an alternate route because Route 12 between New Hartford and Waterville will be closed every time is snows and Route 5 will flood in Kirkland every time it rains.

You know which days of the week the FX Matt Brewery will be wafting that uniquely yummy malt smell.

You can acutely distinguish the taste of every Tony's Pizza location in town.

You've swum in the Addison Miller Pool and skied down the slopes at the Parkway in the same day.

You know that upside down pizza is not the fault of a clumsy delivery driver.

You got a sunburn as a child at Good Ol Summertime.

You remember the traffic jams though New York Mills before Route 840 was built, and, for that matter, the traffic on River Road in Marcy before the Route 49 expressway was built.

You know who Cupcake and Chuckie are.

You have no idea that the rest of the world actually uses an "er" an the end of the words "hamburg" and "cheeseburg."


Jelly Bun Commercial
Holland Farms via Facebook

You've appeared in a Jelly Bun Commercial.

You become overly sentimental thinking about the Rome Dairy Queen.

You know that a riggie is not a crooked election.

You know that tomato pie should never be served a la mode.

You still have a 98.7 New York Z or Froggy 96.1 bumper sticker.

You know that a Boilermaker isn't a Purdue football player.

There must be a thousand more, what would you add to this list?

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