We all have that one celebrity that rubs us the wrong way, the one who makes us change the channel as SOON as we see or hear them on TV. Whether it's the sound of their voice, or great acting skills, there is something about them that we can't get away from fast enough. According to The Frisky, a video producer has created a remote control that automatically mutes out the voice of specific celebrities, I wish I had that. Let me share with you the top 5 celebrities I can't stand.

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    Jon Lovitz

    I can't say that I really dislike him, I just dislike his acting choices. I feel bad I had to add Jon Lovitz to this list, but let's look at the movies he's in: My Stepmother Is an Alien, Hamburger: The Motion Picture, and the all ever popular Cats & Dogs (Only thing that saved this movie was Jeff Goldblum). However Lovitz is in one of my favorite movies, Mom and Dad Save the World.

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    Rob Schneider

    If I was Rob Schneider, I would wake up every morning kiss, and worship the ground Adam Sandler walks on. With movies like The Animal, what's there truly not to hate? Yooouuuu can dooo itttt, no you can't!

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    Fran Drescher

    If I really have to go in details why her voice drives me nuts, then you must not have been around for 1993-1999 when The Nanny was on. Enough already said. Good luck on your new show Happily Divorced, keep your laughter to a minimum.

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    Patton Oswalt

    One of my all time favorite TV shows is The King Of Queens. Now the only thing that can ruin this show for me is Patton Oswalt. I find C-Span more entertaining than Oswalt. However, I do give you some credit for Ratatouille, that's a classic in my book!

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    French Stewart

    The following movies and TV shows should never been created: 3rd Rock from the Sun, Home Alone 4, Inspector Gadget 2, The New Partridge Family, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and Naked Movie. What do all these shows and movies have in common? Answer: French Stewart. No paycheck is worth Home Alone 4.

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