It's almost time for golf season(if only the weather realized it), and we have your ticket to 10 area golf courses with the 'Seize The Deal Golf Card.' Just having this awesome discount card may not be enough though. In case your significant other doesn't appreciate golf as much as you do, here are some of the best excuses to use to get out on the golf course this season.

1. All of my bosses play golf

2. All the TV shows are re-runs

3. Church was cancelled because of all the snow, so I'm going golfing

4. I need to do something while I drink beer

5. Getting frustrated is motivation for me

6. I have to do something to pass the time before the work week starts

7. Golf teaches me patience, and I need more of that for work

8. I can get lawn care tips from the grounds crew

9. Its a business meeting

10. Summer is short so I need to golf as much as possible

11. I want to see if my new sunglasses work properly

12. I love yelling 'Fore,' even though I've never been able to hit anyone

13. I finally have the chance to play with someone worse than me!

14. I just got my 'Seize the Deal Golf Card' so now I HAVE to go golfing!

Now you have every excuse you need to grab your Seize the Deal Golf Card and hit the links at 10 of the area's best courses. And don't forget, the card is only $50!

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