I admit that I’m notorious for searching the internet with “how-to” questions. Don’t tell my hairdresser, but my most recent “how-to” search may or may not have centered around how to cut my bangs without botching them.

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After searching how to cut my bangs, I was bombarded by so many results and photos and videos that I felt completely overwhelmed and unsure of myself and at the same time, thankful for bobby-pins to hold my bangs back until I can get in to see my girl.

We've all said it no less than 24 million times these last few months, that 2020 has been the most bizarre year that any of us have lived through and it's true. For many of us, we've found ourselves turning to the internet to find out how to do various things (put down those scissors!).

Vision Direct surveyed 2,000 adults and found that 87 percent of those adults admit that they've been turning to the internet for videos and tutorials to help them learn how to nail a new skill because if they forget how to do it, they can just watch the video again. And again.

Alex Smyrliadi is the content manager for Vision Direct and told SWNS Digital hub, "Video content can be replayed whenever, wherever, making the information a lot easier to digest. It’s almost second-nature to us as a format, as we’re all used to engaging with it through social media already."

So, what are the top ten how-to questions people are asking the internet in the midst of this global pandemic? According to Vision Direct, they are:

1. How to use software
2. How to get stains out of clothing
3. How to do things on computer games e.g. find rare stuff
4. Makeup tutorials
5. How to make a face mask
6. How to bake cookies
7. How to get past a hard bit of a video game
8. How to curl hair
9. The perfect way to poach an egg
10. How to fix a washing machine

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