Meet Tex Parish, who once was a lookalike for Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. The Camden, New York resident may have been victimized by the same type of scam making headlines with the current FaceApp story.

Here's the deal: Back in the early 2000s, Tex used his photo on an app similar to the popular one that takes your pics and makes you appear a LOT older. Then, he went about his business. About a decade later, one of Tex's buddies was in a bar in Chicago and spotted a bottle of beer that looked...suspicious. Turns out, the beer company had used the picture of Tex you see above, and produced a line of brew based on his picture. Take a look:

Tex Parish Canva2

Damn. The resemblance seems pretty strong, right? And they've even got his NAME on there. Tex didn't receive a dime from the proceeds of that beer which bore his likeness. Anyone know a good lawyer?

Another cautionary social media tale about Internet privacy. Of course, it's really no surprise someone thought Tex's captivating mug might sell beers. And he's also got a big personality, and big plans to use it this fall. He's slated for an audition November 23rd in New York City on TV's America's Got Talent. We'll be following...

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