The farmer who danced his way into the hearts of people all over the country is now inviting you to come out to his farm and take a tour.

Jay Lavery from Sharon Springs, New York became a huge star after he posted a video on YouTube of him dancing to Sia's "Cheap Thrills." It became so popular, even Ellen DeGeneres got word of it, and brought Jay on her talk show.

Now you can tour the farm where it all started. Your tour includes meeting all the animals on the farm (including the adorable goats and the sheep). You'll also learn about how the farm uses "Permaculture Design." What is this "Permaculture Design?" According to The Dancing Farm website, it means they work with nature not against it. They also say they encourage visitors to interact with all their farm animals. You'll also see how the goats and sheep are milked and you'll learn how to hand milk. And who knows?! Maybe you'll get the chance to dance with the dancing farmer himself? You'll have to take a tour and find out.

Tours cost $25 a person and all the money goes toward making improvements to the farm and hopefully having a bed and breakfast added as well, so people from all over can tour the farm and stay overnight. Tours are held on Saturdays and Sundays, with different time slots. You can sign up for a 9:30am tour, an 11am one, 1pm, or a 3pm tour (on either of those days). To sign up, visit:

And on your visit to the "Dancing Farm" you can pick up some new treats and goodies they have available. They're now selling fresh eggs, goat milk soap, "Dancing Shepard" t-shirts, and other items.

And in case you forgot, this is the video that introduced the world to the "Dancing Farmer:"





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