Gather ye family and friends, for thou art in fer a real treat: The Sterling Renaissance Festival is back for 2017.

...But it won't feel like it's 2017. You'll step back into the 1500s, from the food and drinks, to the costumes and entertainment. The Sterling Renaissance Festival really is a unique adventure all in itself. We found a few things we definitely think you should check out at the festival.

Throw Tomatoes

Who wouldn't want to throw tomatoes, and at a criminal at that? Along "Queen's Path" is a wonderful little booth where you can get a handful of tomatoes and show people that crime doesn't pay.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Drink Meade

There are plenty of options for drinks at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, but if you really want to enjoy the 1500s, you have to get yourself a nice glass of Meade. This adult beverage is made from fermenting honey in water. And it sounds a little... different, but it really is delicious. It's so delicious I had to buy a bottle to take home with me.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Watch a Show

From jousting to kids stories, musicians, and more, the entertainment is in no short supply at the renaissance festival. If you're not with the kids and you would like some awful humor, they have that covered with "Filthy Irish Stories." But don't worry, there are some child-friendly shows as well, like "Nature of Mercy."

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Look the Part

With so many specialty shops, clothing stores (and renters), you'll have no problem looking like you're from the 1500s. One of the coolest things to experience though, is having your hair done. There are a few shops that offer the old-style braiding, and even the flower headbands to really look the part. Plus it will be real, no Snapchat filter needed (and yes, we know the cowboy hat doesn't belong. That's besides the point).

Naomi Lynn/TSM

See the Parade

The parade is a can't miss event at the Renaissance Festival. At 2:15pm every day of the festival a huge parade runs through the whole "village." You'll see the Queen and her court, plus entertainers from many of the shows going on during the weekend. You'll hear music and see jokers running around. It really is a fantastic sight.

Naomi Lynn/TSM


Of course there are more than these five things to do at the Sterling Renaissance Festival (obviously). I mean, look... We didn't even mention having a turkey leg. But we figured that one was a given. The Sterling Renaissance Festival runs every Saturday and Sunday from now until August 13th. Hours are: 10am to 7pm both Saturday and Sunday.