Our first full week of rainy April broadcasts produced bright, flowery radio segments on diverse topics like television, medicine, baseball and male pattern baldness.

To listen a brief montage of highlights from the week, just click on the video and/or follow along to the the description below of the bits in The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of April 8, 2019.

-Toxic Masculinity. This phrase was recently added by the dictionary and it triggered a discussion on the preferences women have between this type of behavior AND baldness in men. Beth's preference was perfectly stated.

-Baseball. In order to get one wet field in Connecticut ready for play this Spring, extreme measures were used that caused even more extreme costs.

-Man or Woman? If you could CHOOSE your gender, which way would you go?

-Medicine. One of the two of us has skills in this area; the other just USES a lot of it.

-Game of Thrones. In honor of the final season of the popular TV show, we played a fun game, incorporating characters from the TV show and average Mohawk Valley citizens.


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