Every parent has their "the kids found the Christmas gifts" story, but a mom from Sauquoit is at a whole 'nother level.

Here's the email we got (edited for clarity and brevity):

I'm going to go crazy this Christmas. My son (15) wanted a computer for gaming for Christmas. Since it was the main thing he wanted, my mother in law went in on it too, we both paid half. I already bought it and hid it in the house.


A few days ago I overheard my son telling his friend how he searched the whole house until he finally found his presents. (It wasn't just the computer but a munch of other stuff I bought for him, too.) Let's just say I was NOT happy with him. In fact, I told him I was going to return the console, and I'm seriously thinking about it. This is second year that he did this with the presents. Here's where it gets even worse: I mentioned to my mother in law that I was about 75% sure I was bringing it back and she went bananas. She went so far as to tell my son that she "wouldn't let" me return his Christmas present.


I'm pretty sure I'm going to go full Grinch on her, and maybe my son.


HELPP!! Do you think I should bring back the computer, or just let it slide? And how do I handle my mother in law? I think it's my call to decide what happens with my son, but  she feels like because put money in, she has a say? Is she right? Thanks Beth and Dave - Mommy Grinch

So what do you think?

Here are just some of the opinions you shared:

"MIL has NO say what so ever...May be not take it back but don't wrap anything either?? Leave it all under the tree on Christmas Eve... Unwrapped"

"Mom is upset because she wanted to surprise her son. He is a kid and kids snoop. I think she should not return the gift but maybe tell him how disappointed she is that he snooped and spoiled the surprise. And, he should learn to keep his snooping to himself. MIL will always be on the grandchild's side."

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"No she should not return the gift and she should not say a world to her MIL about the situation. Maybe she could give him the gift at Christmas but not let him use it for a month to teach him a lesson."

"No. Mom should bring it back. It’s not the grandmother's choice. Let parents raise their kids and not the grandparents. Give grandma back her part of whatever she paid towards it."

"Don't return it. MIL should have a say because she went in on the gift as well. Kids all snoop...'tis the season. The only person he ruined it for is himself by finding out what he has gotten. Christmas should be about family, happiness and love...I would never ruin a holiday on a material item."

"Oh please.....99% of kids snoop. It might not be a surprise on Christmas Day, but I’m sure it was a surprise when he found it (sorry you didn’t see his reaction Mom)and I’m sure he can’t wait to use it! Merry Christmas!!"

"Why punish the child because she can’t hide a gift properly?"

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