There are a lot of trailers in Central New York. A U-Haul trailer that had been missing suddenly re-appeared here, 14 years after it had been rented. The 6-foot-by-12-foot trailer was mysteriously left at the Syracuse U-Haul office in the middle of the night, then transported to the site of its original rental in Cortland.

The fees for the "14-year rental" (about $30 per day) would equal somewhere between $150,000 and $165,000, depending on taxes. But, the folks from U-Haul do not intend to press any criminal charges.

A regional spokesperson for U-Haul said the company had recently been conducting a search for the trailer...and then it turned up, completely empty and without its license plate.

U-Haul plans to send the trailer to a Syracuse scrapyard for recycling.

Have you ever taken years to return an item to its rightful owner? What item are you still holding onto that's not yours? What item did YOU find after it had been missing for a long time?


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