Not all of Facebook is sharing personal thoughts and getting in fights with people who have different political views. Sometimes, Facebook can be used for good.

Sure we all have a few things that annoy us about Facebook, whether it's people pretending their lives are so perfect (and you know them personally, and KNOW that's not their life), or all the drama that gets stirred up when someone posts something offensive.

But there's a lot of reasons to love Facebook, and I'm not talking about the obvious ones of staying connected to your family and friends around the country or stalking out someone you're interested in. I'm talking about when people come together and share a post to help out their fellow man... Or in this case, their fellow woman.

Bethany Conrad from Cortland, New York posted a photo on Facebook, of her holding up a sign, trying to find her birth mother. Here's the post that when viral:

The post has been shared over 30,000 times. And with all those people sharing the post so that their friends, family, and even acquaintances could see it, it's obvious the word spread fast. Well, According to, Bethany was able to find her birth mother thanks to this post. A woman responded to the viral post stating that this was her daughter and to contact her.

See?! Not ALL Facebook sharing is bad. We hope things work out great between Bethany and her birth mother.




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