We can thank a milkman and a scientist from Watertown, New York for introducing us to those little tree, car air fresheners. Do you have one up on your rear view mirror? 

We got pretty excited the day we discovered Car -Freshener's newest scent in the automotive department at Walmart: Black Ice.

Matt Hubbell
Matt Hubbell

Now the company that got its start in Upstate New York manufactures over 60 different scented trees.

Who would have dreamed that stale milk would be the premise for this genius invention? A milkman was making his rounds in Watertown, New York when he had a chance encounter with a German Scientist named Julius Samman. Samman was researching alpine trees in the Canadian forest when the two first met, and the rest is history.

Instead of gagging the next time you discover a half gallon of chunky and smelly 2% in your refrigerator; rejoice! if it weren't for that expired milk, we would never have these iconic Little Tree air fresheners.

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