We are one of the last remaining areas in the country with no ride sharing available, but that's about to change.  The New York State lawmakers have come up with a new budget, meaning apps from Uber and Lyft can legally operate in Upstate New York.

Beginning this summer, we can use the app to request rides.  Uber.com advertises safe, reliable rides within minutes.  Their biggest competitor, Lyft, will also be available and is currently offering signing bonuses to new drivers.   They advertise that you can turn miles into money by using your own vehicle to give clients rides.

Both Uber and Lyft tend to offer lower rates and faster pick-up than most taxi companies.  The cars are also required to be recent model years as well as clean and mechanically sound.  Drivers undergo background checks and their vehicles are inspected on a regular basis.

According to a report on newyorksupstate.com, details on exactly how the ride sharing apps will work here in Upstate New York have not yet been released.


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