Karie Fischer was driving back from Frankfort and thought stopping in at the Aud would be fun for her and her children. When she stopped in, she was surprised to see an amazing event going on.

Karie writes us with the following:

This afternoon we were driving back from Frankfort and I thought the Comets might be practicing, so we pulled into the Aud to see what was going on. Instead, UC was helping teach hockey (and skating) to a group of 30 or so blind children...being that we are UC Hockey season ticket holders, my kids thought this was really cool and we stayed for a long time watching. The kids on the ice were having a blast as were the hockey players...emotions were genuine. My kids (8 and 9) thought it was awesome too which made me that much more grateful to the service the UC hockey players (AND COACHES) are offering to the community!"

What Karrie wrote us is a big event for the school. The Utica College men's and women's hockey teams partnered with the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI) at the Aud to teach 33 blind and visually impaired kids how to play hockey.

This activity is a kickoff event for CABVI's second annual Camp Abilities Winter Camp. Camp Abilities is a youth development program for children and teens who are blind or visually impaired. The program empowers kids with visual loss to remain physically active, participate in leisure activities, engage in physical education classes, use technology and develop independent living skills that will last a lifetime."

What a beautiful event.


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