Ready for a new buzzword? Meet the 18-Hour City. That's a city somewhere between a 24 Hour City where everything is available at any time of the day (think New York City, obviously; LA and likely cities like Las Vegas and Miami) and the traditional 9-5 city that revolves around the traditional workday where the downtown core goes largely dormant into the evenings.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers and the Urban Land Institute named the 18-Hour City as the top real estate trend in 2015.

An 18-Hour city has an emerging downtown area that

have combined the key ingredients of housing, retail, dining, and walk-to-work offices to regenerate urban cores, spurring investment and development and raising the quality of life for a roster of cities.... Though they quiet down noticeably in the wee hours, deep into the evening the mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment truly generates excitement. This is catalyzed by walk-to-work housing that encourages employers in the knowledge and talent industries to keep their offices downtown.

So does Utica have the qualities to become an 18-Hour City? Certainly the lofts being developed at Bagg's Square and the growing list of restaurants gives the neighborhood a transitional feel. It certainly feels like the city is taking the first and right steps to keeping downtown vibrant beyond 5PM.


Exploring the Mystery Monument at Bagg's Square

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