The odd saga of the rubbish shrine at the Arterial at Noyes street continues to unfold in West Utica.

The first sightings of the shrine appeared earlier this week when several white crosses were woven into the fences that fronted the Arterial highway near Noyes Street.

Each day, the display would be slightly different. Tie-dies t-shirts and a Christmas stocking joined the milieu of discards.

Then I heard from others who had passed by, that Utica Police officers were seen with a man removing some pieces.

Yet more trash remains. The white crosses were moved, as of Friday morning, across Stark Street to the entrance to the Tub of Subs laundromat adjacent to the old New Spilka's Hotel.

I even saw a mini trash shrine spring up at a fence along Court Street near the former Fay Street alignment.

So what activity have along the Arterial and what do you make of it? Tell us in the comments below.


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