Utica's Court Street Interchange Opening
You've seen the signs the past few days - "Court Street Interchange Opens Thursday". Take a drive with us through the North-South Arterial Project to see the progress.
Arterial Pedestrian Bridge Almost Complete
Do you drive the arterial on a daily basis? If you do, then you have seen the constant progress and change that is being made. Well this weekend a new installment has made a huge step to being finished. The pedestrian bridge has been connected!
As part of the North-South Arterial Project, the New York State Department of Transportation has slated the demolition of the Fay Street Warehouse for Sunday Morning, February 9. Want to be part of history? We have the opportunity for you to initiate the implosion!
Burrstone Road - Arterial Changes
The traffic patterns on the North-South Arterial (New York State Touring Routes 5-8-12) in Utica are changing again as part of the ongoing reconstruction project. One recent change is to the interchange with Burrstone Road.

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