The Comets' house has a new name: The Adirondack Bank Center at The Utica Auditorium.  That's great for the Comets and for Utica. Makes you wonder, who would you get to name YOUR house?

According to WIBX, the new name is the result of a $2 million deal between the CNY bank and the Auditorium Authority. $2 million dollars to have a rink named after your business. That's pretty cool. Why won't one of the businesses or products we use pay to sponsor our house? I know - thousands of people aren't hanging around in our living room to watch us watch TV, but still - we could definitely use the cash in exchange for a little name change. It worked for the Utica Comets, why not us regular folks?

What about the Daylight Donuts Domicile? Although we've been paying maybe they should name Daylight after YOU.

In our house, we could totally be sponsored by Apple products or Jif peanut butter - we certainly use enough of each of these.

What would your house be sponsored by? A local product, like Utica Coffee? Or something you use a lot of...Castle Charmin, anyone?



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