If you're missing your favorite watering hole, or looking for a way to have some fun on your next Zoom get together - The Stief is ready to hook you up.

Utica's iconic pub, The Stief, is sponsoring 'Zoom Sips', a virtual experience that will bring their bartender, Amanda Karboski, right to your living room. The innovative experience allows you to book an hour with Amanda, and she'll teach you and 8-10 friends how to mix a specialty cocktail. All you need to do is pick up your own ingredients.

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Billed as "tipsy learning to pass the time", Zoom Sips allows you to choose from specialty martinis, Bourbon, whiskey, or tequilas - or whatever you'd like. It's just $5 per person until you reach $50. Tipping is encouraged, and helps support Amanda, who works as a full-time wedding planner in NYC, and bartends at The Stief during her slow season.

If you'd like to schedule a Zoom Sips date, just call Amanda at (917) 560-1316.

Credit: Amanda Karboski
Credit: Amanda Karboski

It's time for a virtual cocktail hour!

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