'Utica Games' is getting ready to launch their first game in the coming months. It's entertainment and fun for all ages, and it's all centered around Utica.

(Photo Illustration by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

An announcement was made on Facebook for Utica Games! They're getting ready to launch their first Utica-themed game, which will take a classic board game and turn it into fun, entertaining work-of-art - all focused on Utica. According to Utica Games' post,

Utica's first game comes out this January! Fun and fast paced for all ages, and you just might learn some Utica history.

...This is one of several free games we have planned for 2016.

So what is the first game they have planned? Well, according to their Facebook Page, Scrabble will be the first one made into a 'Utica game.' Other games are expected throughout the year, but no announcements have been made on what those ones will be... yet.

There have been rumors circulating on their Facebook Page of the Utica Cow and the Utica Goat making an appearance in one of their upcoming games, but as of right now, that is just a rumor.

You can keep updated on when these 'Utica Games' will be released, and get more information on what they're up to next, by liking Utica Games on Facebook.



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