The sad and bizarre bath salt synthetic drug craze continues in Central New York this summer and the Utica Police Department announced Friday two more arrests.

In the first incident a 20-year-old North Utica man had snorted the bath salts and thought he was having a heart attack.  The UPD snagged 8 baggies of the drug.

The second incident took place on Mohawk Street.  A 22-year-old female was 'emotionally disturbed.'

When officers arrived they observed a female running into traffic in only her underwear, nude from the waist up. This 22 year-old woman was screaming that her that her clothes were "electrocuting" her and that she had metal inside herself. The woman, who was foaming from the mouth and violent, repeatedly attempted to run in front of cars, and had to be physically restrained until the arrival of an ambulance.

This woman was taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital for treatment. She told officers that her skin was burning and she could not be around metal or wires. this female further told police that she used the synthetic drug commonly referred to as "bath salts". She tried to inject it with a syringe, but when that failed she ate it.

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