We live in an amazing part of New York State. Utica and Central New York has raised over $6,000 for Rainbow Young.

We first reported on Rainbow getting allegedly assaulted around 5AM on April 16. As of 9:40PM, the GoFundMe set up for Rainbow has been turned off, due to the amount of donations pouring in. While Rainbow was not seriously injured, his accordion was destroyed. That's what sparked the fundraiser.

Mark DiOrio, who created the GoFundMe campaign, says he decided to close the fundraiser after raising about $6,000, which is more than enough to get Rainbow a new instrument.

"We've already preordered him one, but there is a substantial amount left over. We're going to put if for whatever he might need," said DiOrio. "If he needs anything for his apartment. I don't know…it's something we've got to investigate a little bit more. If he wants any more instruments. All the money is going to be spent on Rainbow in some way shape or form."

Mark Bolos Sr. and Mark Bolos Jr. of Big Apple Music have loaned Rainbow an accordion to use until his new one is delivered.

Many who donated, left amazing tributes to Rainbow:

Laurice Wilkinson: I cannot believe that people stooped so low as to attack an individual, who most likely hasn't ever even hurt a fly. Rainbow spreads love and peace throughout our city and it's too bad more people don't do the same.

Jasmine Johnson: Rainbow is one of the nicest people in this city and didn't deserve this. Whoever did this is wrong and I hope they catch them. We got you buddy! God bless you and praying for you

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What's Next?

Police say the door to nearby Lukin’s was also vandalized around 7 p.m. on April 15. That's the same night Rainbow was also assaulted. The person suspected of damaging the restaurant door was arrested, but no name has been released.

Police are still investigating the incident involving Rainbow. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

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