The Utica Zoo has unveiled their EarthCam is up and running, and now you can live stream one of their exhibits anytime, from anywhere.

Who doesn't like watching videos of puppies and kitties, and pretty much any animal being adorable?! Sometimes you just need a daily dose of cuteness to help you get through the day. Well, now you can do that with animals you've seen in person at the Utica Zoo. And you can do it from anywhere in the world.

The Utica Zoo's EarthCam is set up so you can see their Cotton Top Tamarins and Rhinoceros Iguanas all the time. And it doesn't cost a thing.

All you have to do to watch these cuties is head to:

That's it! And you're free to watch the Tamarins play and climb, and run around. You'll also spot the Iguanas from time to time.

It's pretty neat. And it's just one more thing the Utica Zoo is doing in their mission of conservation, and teaching others about animals, especially endangered and critically endangered animals, like these Cotton Top Tamarins.



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