The Utica Zoo has always been a special place, but who knew you could get super up close and personal with the animals? 

The Utica Zoo is open year round, and there's a good chance, you'll see Matt Hubbell there on any given day. Rain, snow, and ice, doesn't usually stop him from making the trip. He loves animals, and never passes up an opportunity to visit.  Last time, he even got to pet a lion.

Matt Hubbell

OK, the lion was just a furry picture in a kids book. However, Zoo officials invited Matt and Naomi inside their den with the REAL Kings of the Jungle. You'll hear all about it, if they live to tell.   Good news! You can get up close with the lions too. Do you think you're brave enough? According to Utica

Go inside the Lions Den for a behind the scenes look at our three African Lions. See how our keepers use specialized training to feed and keep the big cats healthy and happy!

The Animal Encounter grants you an all access pass to the camels, sea lions, and red pandas. Here's a video of some folks playing and laughing with baby Hyenas.

The Hyena encounter is no longer available, but we can't wait to see what the zoo adds next!

For more information about the Utica Zoo's Animal Encounter click HERE.


 Matt and Naomi Share a Few Secrets

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