What do you think of Utica being called: "The-Star City?"  The majority of cities have nicknames attached to them. Memphis is known as "The Bluff City," New Orleans is "The Big Easy," Seattle owns "The Emerald City," Miami is known as "The Magic City," and Pittsburg's called "The Iron City." Of course the list is quite extensive and goes on for days. I also know what you’re thinking: "Those are all major cities!"

I agree with you. However, many smaller cities also have nicknames.  Cedar Rapids Iowa is called the "City of 5 Seasons,” St. Cloud, Minnesota is known as "The Granite City," and Anchorage, Alaska has been titled the "City of Lights."  There are hundreds more medium and smaller sized cities with nicknames attached to them. The three cities I just mentioned all have smaller populations than Utica, so if they can have a nickname why can't we?

My grandfather used to refer to Utica as "Little Chicago." I've also heard it called "The Heart and Hub of New York State.” The Utica Comets recently took to Twitter and suggested that our city be given a new nickname:

 Utica, NY. The All-Star City. Nice ring to it eh? #AHLAllStar

The nickname hasn't been officially assigned to Utica...yet!  What are your thoughts? Who knows, maybe if we get enough likes on our Facebook page we can make this happen!


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