Less than a week after vandals tagged a mural on Genesee Street with graffiti, another public mural has been defaced at Handshake.City in Utica - and it looks like the two incidents are related.

Someone tagged a mural on a container in Handshake.City this weekend, and the graffiti looks very similar to a tagged sprayed on a mural on the Adirondack Bank building earlier last week.

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The container park in Bagg's Square is filled with containers - each of which is painted with elaborate murals. The word 'Faith' was sprayed onto a container, ruining the mural.

Keen observers noticed the similarities between the graffiti on both murals. Keren Vita, the artist working on the mural in downtown Utica on the Adirondack Bank building says she thinks she might have an idea who is doing this.

Credit: Made in Utica
Credit: Made in Utica

The people at Handshake.City and Made in Utica say this isn't the first time this summer one of their containers has been defaced. "This is getting old. To deface property is one thing, but to ruin a piece of public art is another. At this point it’s easier to not even bother anymore."

The Made in Utica people say they're considering trail cams for the property to discourage vandals. If you'd like to donate a trail cam, or contribute to the Handshake.City project, go to their Facebook page.

In the meantime, if you recognize this tag, please contact the Utica Police Department.


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