Why not spend Father's Day weekend at Vernon Downs watching the ostrich race? There will be a camel race that same day, too.

Probably one of the most unique racing experiences in the state (definitely the most unique in Central New York), are the camel and ostrich races at Vernon Downs. These races are back for 2017 and will be held on Saturday, June 17th.

And to make this interesting attraction even better... Did we mention it's free to attend?? That's right, it doesn't cost you anything to park or watch the races.

The races take place in between regular harness racing. The ostrich race is scheduled for approximately 7:30p (after race three), and the camel race is scheduled for approximately 8:30p (after race six). Oh, and just a heads up (especially if you haven't seen this event before), there isn't any wagering on these two races.

Vernon Downs mentioned in a press release that more than five thousand people come out each year for this event, and it's becoming one of their more popular racing events of the season. Which we can see, because come on... It's ostriches and camels. Who wouldn't want to watch that?? And then add that it doesn't cost anything? You've got yourself a fun and entertaining Saturday night right there.

You can get more information on these races and other events going on at Vernon Downs, just visit: VernonDowns.com





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