It's funny how a cute little video online can change your mood for the day. Grab a cup of coffee, watch this video, and feel good ALL day loonnngg!

The internet is overrun with videos - everything from people tripping, getting hurt, to cute animals and babies. The one thing that always seems to win though, is the cats. For whatever reason cat videos are always so cute. Sorry for the spoiler but yes, this is another one of those cat videos.

So why are cats so attracted to boxes? Seriously. If you buy them something, all they want to do is play in the box. And why is it so cute? This is what happens when you have a whole bunch of cats and a whole bunch of boxes, and let them run wild.


Box paradise for kitties! シ

Posted by Fun Dumps on Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I just love how one cat jumps to another box and all the other cats have to peek their head out to see what happened. Well, hopefully that will keep you smiling all morning - I know it did for me!