So far, I've been out exploring New Hartford and Clinton. This weekend I ventured out into Washington Mills and Sauquoit, to see what the area had to offer.

Rio Grande Tex-Mex


Naomi Lynn/TSM

My first stop is always food - have to have a full stomach before I do anything else. Rio Grande Tex-Mex, in Washington Mills was the place. They have an open Chips and Salsa Bar. I was trying not to fill up before the meal, but it was just so good! I ended up getting the Del Rio Platter - rice, beans, a chicken taco, and a beef enchilada. It was more than delicious.


Naomi Lynn/TSM

Seriously, I should have taken some home. There was enough food on that plate for two people. But I didn't. I ate it all, and it was amazing.

The Scenery

Again, I mentioned this driving through Clinton, the view around here is breath-taking. I visit an area, then spend at least an hour getting lost on side-roads. I love it. The hills, the trees - it's not like anything I'm used to back home.

I took pictures of the scenery, but I feel it doesn't do it justice. To get that amazing, breath-taking feeling, you have to go out and see it for yourself.

Grande's Pizzeria & Restaurant

While driving around Sauquoit, I was told I needed to eat at Grande's Pizzeria. Just walking in, smelling the pizza, oh it was great. I ordered Jumbo Raviolis (and they weren't kidding on the 'jumbo' part).

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Of course, I had to get dessert, as well. I regret nothing.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

More amazing food. I definitely need to get a gym membership, if I'm going to explore all these areas, and eat all their delicious foods. It's so worth it, though!