Artist Karl Baden is a photography at Boston College, and it appears he takes his work home with him. Karl has taken a photo of himself every single day since Feb. 23, 1987 and the video of these photos in this time-lapse film is amazing.

The Huffington Post tells us:

The video above doesn't include every photo over the 24 year, 8 month time period, Baden points out. But although he did a little editing for the sake of brevity, the video "probably contains 2,000-2,500 stills,"

Karl also tells us:

"I actually first had the idea for the project as a student in 1975," Baden, 61, told HuffPost on Thursday. "I began the project when I was 34."

Why didn't I think of this? If I photographed my belly, I would of had to use a wide angle lens for the later years.

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