I would go nuts on this teacher if this happened to my 5 year-old son who also is in kindergarten. I recall having trouble with a teacher who put her hands on me, several times, while I was in Elementary school. I feel the same way today as I did back then. Except for breaking up a fight, it's uncalled for and should result in termination.

You're about to see an Ohio kindergarten teacher use excessive force on a student. She since has been placed on unpaid leave for 10 days and now the young boy’s family is demanding that she be fired. Considering that I had a similar experience during my youth, I agree with the parents of 6 year-old Ian Nelson.
Opposing Views has published that:

District superintendent Eric Hoffman reportedly reached out to apologize to the Nelsons for what happened, and according to the latest updates, the school has filed reports with the local police department, Child Protective Services, and the Department of Education.

What also bugs me is that school officials refuse to move Ian to a different class. The least they can do is separate them as the child will clearly be afraid of this teacher and, future interactions surely will be awkward.

I think any teacher should be fired immediately if it can be established that they have physically abused a child. When I was young, a teacher dug her nails so far into my neck that I can still feel the pain today. Thank God, that's the only time I ever had a traumatizing interaction with a teacher. This should be Ian's only one as well.

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