The weather has been unseasonably warm, which means more use for your swimming pool. One Waterville man had an unusual...neighbor stopping by for a dip.

Donald Brown lives in Waterville, but not on a farm - right in the center of town. He's come to appreciate cows while working in the marketing department of Chobani. His experience around yogurt didn't prepare him for his early morning guest, however.

Donald and his sister Jennifer were surprised to see a cow - let's call her Bessie - strolling between the house and garage. Bessie then made her way to the pool and...ahem...fertilized it.

Bessie hung around on the back deck, waiting for Don to get her favorite floatie maybe? Eventually, Don and his sister were able to track down Bessie's owner and get her back to the farm.

Bessie had no comment for this story.

I'm sure Bessie and Don will remember "Bessie's Day Out".



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