Netflix Update: The cost of a Netflix movie subscription is going up, and way up. It's increasing so much that many customers of Netflix are becoming former customers. What will people do to get their movies?


Luckily, it's not 1992, where your only choice was a video store. These days, movies are everywhere. From Red Box, to the gas stations.

Here's a rundown according to of some of the best ways to rent a movie:

Hard Copy- If you still want to pop a DVD in your player and press "play," there are Redbox kiosks all over the place, and they're only charging a dollar-a-day DVDs and $2.50 for Blu-Rays.

On Demand- There is no need to even get up from the sofa to get a movie to watch. Just click away on the remote and get yourself an on-demand movie for about five bucks.

Streaming- Eventually, everything will be streaming over the Internet. For now, you can find great new movies to watch at sites like

How do you watch your movies?

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