Everyone has a certain way of celebrating holidays, and at the Wheeler home we have some unique traditions. If you dare to read more here’s a list of what we do in our home maybe unlike any others. Maybe you have some of the same unique traditions as well.  




This one isn’t as scary as the others. On Thanksgiving we draw names in our household. With the names we have drawn we have to buy that person a pair of pajamas for Christmas Eve. We wear the pajamas on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. It’s a cute tradition we’ve had going on for almost 7 years or so.

 By the way wasn't I suck a cute little kid? What went wrong?

 We used to always go to both grandparents homes on Christmas Eve. The first stop was my Grandma Barretta's home, where we stuffed our faces with snacks. Later than night we went up to my Grandma Wheeler's where she always got me a Hess Truck every year.






Ok this is where it gets interesting. Here’s the legend of Chuckie Santa. Years back my father was a contractor and did this job where he had to redo the interior of a house. The owner was an older gentleman and was trying to get rid of some holiday decorations. My Dad took a box with-out looking inside knowing our home would eventually turn into The Griswalds from Christmas Vacation. Inside this box came this Santa doll. He has to be the creepiest thing you’ll ever see. It has no shirt, red underwear, and it didn’t help my dog chewed up part of him. The legend of Chuckie Santa was born.

What we do with this doll is hide him around the house, and attempt to scare each other. Imagine walking into the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or dark basement just seeing him glaring at you. It’s a scary site. Whoever finds him has to hide him on someone else. It’s a game that usually ends on New Year’s. 




This tradition all the credit goes to my older sister Heather for developing. The idea is before Christmas Eve, go out and buy the ugliest Christmas outfit you can find. Then you have to wear it on Christmas Eve while the entire family is over and vote on the ugliest. This game is very cheap and very affordable; maybe 10 dollars max if you know where to shop. I won last year if you can’t tell by the beautiful photo.

So in our family we are a little different. We like to have more fun than the traditional family. Instead of buying a nice traditional gift, we will buy a gag one! Those are just three out of a huge list of odd traditions we have in our home. What are some you may have?

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