Facebook's latest update allows users to reply to posts with an 'emotion' instead of just liking or commenting. Here's a few ideas they should consider.

Instead of just "liking" a person's post on Facebook, you now have the ability to show a variety of emotions. There's 5 new emotions currently available: love, haha, wow, sad, and angry. Those are some pretty basic emotions, but we believe Facebook could step it up a notch. These are just a few emotions and symbols that need to be added:

1. "Getting Hungry" - For all those pictures people take of their delicious dinner or treats they're eating. Also, for all those food videos that get posted.

2. "Sick" - Whenever some weirdo posts something gross that it just makes your stomach turn.

3. "Fishing Line with a Fish at the End' - For those posts you KNOW someone is just fishing for compliments, like they post a picture and it says, 'uugghh I feel so ugly today.' Why are you taking the picture then?!

4. "Rolling Eyes" - When someone is just being stupid. Or lame. Or annoying. Actually, this emotion would come in handy in a lot of cases.

5. "Pirate Face" - Perfect for someone drinking rum. Or partying - Either way fits for a pirate.

6. "Jealous" - When someone gets to do something really cool and you're mad they're posting it on Facebook, and wish it was you, and you envy all their fun.

7. "Done" - Just to let someone know that their posts are really, REALLY annoying, and you're pretty much fed up with all the garbage they put on social media. It's the last step before actually unfriending someone.

8. "Worry" - To feel scared for someone's well being when they're sick or depressed. Or to point out when someone is making some really bad life choices.

9. "Face with No Mouth" - For when someone posts something that you want to respond to, but there are just no words. At all.

10. "Four-Leaf Clover" - When you honestly just want to wish someone good luck with whatever they're doing or working on.


Do you like the new "emotions" Facebook has added? What kind of emotion or symbol would you want available?



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