It's a sad day for Romans, and drive-in fans all over the country. The West Rome Drive-In is closing for good.

The Rome Daily Sentinel is reporting that The West Rome Drive-In has shown its last film. The Davidson Auto Group has released a statement that due to "declining attendance and costly upgrades," the Drive-In is closed.

The statement continued: "Unfortunately, the decline in attendance and the cost of the digital age has finally hit the West Rome Drive-In making it unrealistic to continue operation. Movie distributors will no longer provide first run 35mm film to theaters like the one in Rome. The cost of new equipment and a decline in attendance simply do not make continued operation feasible.""

Davidson of Rome bought the site in 2011, and since then has worked with Zurich Cinema's to keep the West Rome Drive-In open. They were able to keep the drive-in going for two years, but it looks like that is now over.