Is the venerable West Rome Drive-In on Erie Boulevard in Rome to become a car dealer's lot?  That's what a new Facebook group fears will happen after this summer to the outdoor movie palace.

Spurred on by this report in the Rome Sentinel, two Facebook groups have been formed.  The 'Save the West Rome Drive-In' group launched earlier this week and has grown to over 1000 supporters in less than 24 hours.  A mirror effort has started with this group as well.

Supporters are sharing their memories of the drive-in, its place in the social history of Rome and the lament that there are other parcels in town that could serve as a car dealership.  One poster writes,

also..use the empty area where home depot use[d] to be...there's nothing there but wasted space and fashion bug!

How would you feel if this comes to pass and the drive-in is shuttered?

Update:  24 hours after the creation of these groups, their number has grown to 2500 strong.


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