Think the only good deals in the winter are during the holidays?  Not so.  January offers some great deals too, if you know where to find them.  What are the best things to buy in January? 

Christmas and winter items:

In the past week, I've seen Christmas merchandise marked off 75 to 80%.  Stock up on lights, ornaments, wrapping paper and all things holiday.  Look for deals on winter merchandise too, such as boots, winter coats and other winter gear.  You might not be thinking about spring clothes but retailers are and they need to clear out the winter stuff to make room for bathing suits and other spring merchandise.


Need a new car?  Then you're in luck because January is a great time to buy, both on new and used models.  Fewer people purchase cars in the winter so shop and save now because those discounts disappear when the warmer weather arrives.

Fine jewelry:

Valentine's Day isn't until next month but you can score that beautiful piece of fine jewelry for your Valentine at a discount this month.

Electronics: (the big ticket kind)

Cameras, big TVs, gaming systems.  Didn't get them for Christmas?  Don't sweat it.  Buy them and save this month because retailers are making room for the new stuff and getting rid of last year's models.

Fitness merchandise:

Getting in shape is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions and if it happens to be one of yours, there's no excuse this month for not buying the fitness equipment you need to achieve your goal.  Look for discounts on fitness apparel, DVDs and accessories.

There you have it.  Shop smart this month and I'll tell you next month what deals to expect for February.