You might think you can tell a lot about a guy just from his looks, what he wears, or his sense of humor. What about how he carries his money?


says that can tell you as much about a guy as anything else! So, here are your clues: 

  • He carries his bills all wadded up in his pocket: He might be a creative type or maybe he can't conform to even basic norms like carrying a wallet!
  • He carries a messy wallet: Carrying all that junk around shows he could be supportive and that he likes to keep things, but it could also mean he thrives on chaos.
  • He carries a money clip: He has his life in order, but if he flashes big wads of cash, it shows he needs a lot of attention and might be compensating for his flaws.

What do you think? How does your guy carry his money? Does he fit any of these profiles?